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Success Stories
Teri Smith
Well, I could just go on and on about Dr. Stephens. It doesn’t matter what the problem, my knee, my stomach, my emotions, a headache, etc. — after a visit with Dr. Stephens I am always better! Read More →

LaTanya Folds
I've been seeing Doc for about 10 years and can't imagine life without both he and Thaahirah. Not only do I value the years of knowledge, caring, treatments, and amazing results ... I value their friendship. Read More →

Booker Rashad, Real Estate Broker for The Rashad Group
My total satisfaction with the treatments I have received from “Doc” included relief from neck pain, back pain, stomach discomfort, pulled muscle, pain from trapped gas after surgery, intestinal problems, injury from auto accident, and even uncomfortable hiccups. Read More →

Pam Smith
He is thorough, professional, kind and oh so knowledgeable and he takes the time to educate you. I’m not sure how I can make others understand how important it is to have Dr. Stephens as your health coach—he helps you achieve and maintain good health. Read More →

A. Gregoratos, Sarasota, FL
Although I am 550 miles in Florida, my priority is always my next visit. You are well worth the drive and if I lived in the area, I would be your most frequent patient. Through the years you have been my lifeline to wellness. Read More →

Paula Dial, Owner of Postnet
Dr. Stephens is a miracle. He is the most spiritually in-tuned doctor I know. He goes right to the problem area and will tell you the very thing you are trying to hide!! Read More →

Denise Janeway, Kindergarten Teacher
Instead of just getting me in there weekly and collecting the insurance money, he actually wanted to see me well and pain free. He was interested in my whole body and how it worked. That was so refreshing to me. Read More →