• Happy Seniors

We Find The Cause
Many patients seek out care at our clinic because they have problems that have not responded to many other forms of care. Often times the cause is a problem with how the brain is working. Many times there is no damage or disease, but simply problems with how areas of the brain are communicating. And even when there is damage, improving this aspect of communication in the brain often profoundly changes the health and function of the patient.

If you are accepted as a patient, it is because Dr. Stephens believes that improvement is possible. He will work hard to help you; and require that you follow through with all recommendations. We want your health to improve and be maintained at as close to 100% as possible. We look forward to helping you reach this goal.

A Message To Our Patients
We want to thank you for trusting East Metro Wellness Center enough to allow us to assist you in achieving balanced health. Your commitment to “your” health and to the programs we have identified as best for “you”, makes our vision of “helping one thousand patients each year achieve balanced health” possible — you will certainly be a part of that elite group.

Remember, let East Metro Wellness Center be your source of healthcare and health information, we are here to serve you.

- Dr. Cornelius Stephens