Pain in the Back

Inactive stomach muscles may be more of a “pain in the back” than people realize. It’s recently been shown that people with Low Back Pain conditions, as well as those who may develop this problem in the future, can trace the cause to the abdominal area.

The areas of the body that are often overlooked in exercising are the deepest muscles of the abdomen. They are a tough band of muscles located along each side of the torso. Correct activation of these muscles has been associated with stabilizing the spine in the lower back where the spinal column and the hip bones meet.

A recent study was conducted on 17 young men to determine if this muscle group was functioning properly. By asking each of the subjects to flex and extend their shoulders, researchers were able to measure the proper muscle response.

Following the test, each person received a Chiropractic adjustment to the lower back area on the side of the body that showed decreased joint movement. The test was then repeated and resulted in a 34.8% improvement in proper muscle function.

According to the researchers, the study suggests that using such a series of tests can detect impaired abdominal muscle response. They also said this testing could find a potential for lower back problems even if a person has no current symptoms.

Chiropractors are trained in the proper structure of the skeletal system as well as correct muscle function. Exercises to strengthen the abdominal area and provide a person with a total plan for improved physical conditioning can be provided by a Chiropractor.

SOURCE: Chiropractic Research Review MORE INFORMATION