Neurological Component of Health Issues
by: Dr. Cornelius Stephens

The neurology component involves the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. The brain sits inside of the skull, a.k.a. “head bones,” where it is protected from damage.

The spinal cord is located inside of the spine, a.k.a. “back bones”, where it is protected from damage. The brain connects to the spinal cord where the neck meets the back of the head. The peripheral nerves exits from the spinal cord, between the back bones and the disc, at various levels from the neck to the low back. These nerves carry information to and from all parts of the body including organs, glands, skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. The brain sends messages down the spinal cord, out through the peripheral nerves, to the entire body. The reverse is true for the body to send information back to the brain. Information from all parts of the body travels through the peripheral nerves to the spinal cord and up to the brain where the information is analyzed.

The brain is in constant communication with all parts of the body, and it is through this constant communication that the brain is able to regulate and control the entire body. The brain is either sending information to all parts of the body or it is receiving information from all parts of the body. A disruption of the communication between the brain and the body can lead to the inability of the brain’s ability to regulate and control the body. That loss of regulation and control can contribute to or cause health issues. Any disruption in the regulation and control of any of the organs of digestion can lead to digestive problems. If the brain loses contact with the muscles that make the right or left foot work, the person could trip and fall resulting in an injury.

Stimulation, oxygen and food drive the brain to proper functioning. Without these things the brain would dysfunction much like any complicated piece of equipment would if it did not get the things it needed. If the internal environment is highly acidic, and that acid settles in the brain, the brain could dysfunction even though it is getting the things it needs to function properly. It is the over acidification that will cause the brain to dysfunction, leading to the inability of the brain to regulate and control parts of the body.

To be continued. . .