Increasing Opposition to Genetically Engineered Foods

Global opposition of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods and crops is mounting — as is the evidence that the “Frankenfood” industry is in serious trouble. North America, where 90% of the GE foods are produced, is now in opposition to the industry and major foreign export markets for GE tainted food and seeds, are closing down.

Opposition ignited with concerns over the lack of safety testing and labeling — with strong opposition from 59% of Canadians, 51% of Americans, 70% of Europeans and 82% of Japanese. Farmers in North America have already cut back on GE crops, including a 20% drop in acreage for corn, 6% for soybeans and 10% for canola. And, because leading food companies and supermarkets fear consumer backlash, many are in the midst of removing GE ingredients from their name brand products.

Consumers should be aware of adverse field and lab report findings, which include damage to beneficial insects and soil microorganisms, pest resistance, disrupting ecological balances, proliferates pests in crops, increases cancer risks, amongst others. Agbiotech companies, while trying to present the second generation of GE foods to the market, try to distract consumers from worrying about the hazards associated with these products.

Such tactics include trying to sell consumers that GE foods and crops will “feed the masses”, nourish and vaccinate the poor, increase the nutritional value of foods and will solve the problems that are created by the unsustainable practices of the timber, paper and fishing industries.

Consumer opposition needs to increase to complete driving GE products off the market, educate consumers and work to keep the second generation from being introduced to the market.

SOURCE: “Son of Frankenfoods…Get Ready for the Next Generation of GE Foods and Crops,” SunCoast ECO Report, August/September 2000, Vol. 10, No. 8-9, pp. 1,3. Call 941-925-1946 for more information.