Four Components of Health Issues
by: Dr. Cornelius Stephens

Working as a Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist for the past twenty years, I have seen numerous patients with a variety of health care complaints ranging from traumatic complaints (injuries), non-traumatic complaints (chronic aches and pains), to various organ and gland dysfunctions. Applied Kinesiology is a specialized branch of Chiropractic that uses muscle test in addition to other standard test to find the cause of a patient’s health complaints.

Using a comprehensive and wholistic approach involving Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology evaluations in addition to standard evaluations, I have been able to help a number of patients with their health care issues. Finding the cause of the patient’s health complaints has always been our goal. In the constant search to find the cause of health complaints, I have found four components that are consistent in a majority of health complaints: 1) Neurological; 2) Chemical; 3) Emotional and 4) Environmental. These are the four components most often connected to the cause of a patient’s health complaints. The automobile accident, slip & fall accident, sports related injury, work related injury, chronic illnesses, aches & pains, organ & gland dysfunctions, infections, allergies and destructive conditions all have a cause that is connected to these four components.

These four components are most often present at different levels of the health complaints ranging from the superficial to the cellular level. Treating health complaints involves treating all of the components and all of the levels of involvement. It is much like “peeling an onion” one layer at a time. Most often the patients feel better after the first layer is treated successfully. They often stop their treatments and do not return to complete the treatment protocol. This leaves other layers and other components untreated. These remaining untreated layers and components will often show up as new symptoms in the same area of the body or as additional symptoms in other areas of the body because the cause of the complaint has not been completely and successfully treated. The successful treatment of a health complaint involves treating the total cause of that complaint. All layers of involvement and all components of a health complaint must be treated in order for the cause to be completely and successfully treated leading to the final resolution of a health complaint.