Chiropractic Care Preferred

A recent survey completed by the Centers for Disease Control showed that America has more people using Chiropractic to attain and maintain good health than any other form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

The purpose of the survey that contacted 75,764 people was to determine how many people were using Chiropractic, Acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, hypnosis, massage, biofeedback and other forms of treatment. The survey then went on to assess the relative costs of these different forms of treatment.

Out of the 38,146 people who visited a CAM practitioner in the year before the survey, the largest group had visited a chiropractor, with 18,740 people making this their choice.

Not only that, the study stated that, “One of the lowest per-person, out-of-pocket costs is associated with visits to practitioners of chiropractic…” While some people visiting CAM practitioners paid as much as $75 out-of-pocket for their visit, those utilizing Chiropractic paid $24 or less about half the time.

This analysis agrees with a review of Workers’ Compensation claims in North Carolina during 2004,which found that almost $2,900 was saved every time an injured worker was cared for by a doctor of Chiropractic rather than a medical doctor. Not only that, injured workers treated by chiropractors were able to return to work almost six times as fast as injured workers who chose a medical doctor for their care. This was no limited study, either. The review included 43,000 claims over a nineteen-year period of time.

More studies can and will surely be done, but the results are certain to be the same: Chiropractic improves health and saves money – and more and more Americans know it.

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