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About Us
East Metro Wellness Center is a wholistic healthcare facility based east of Atlanta in Conyers, GA. Since 1988, we have specialized in the successful treatment of personal injuries related to slip & fall accidents, automobile accidents, sports-related accidents as well as common workplace accidents. Our goal is to help patients get better quicker — over 20,000 patients treated and counting. 

Dr. Cornelius Stephens is a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist with over 28 years of experience in helping individuals achieve and maintain balanced health by finding the "cause" of their health complaint.
As the primary treating physician at East Metro Wellness Center, Dr. Stephens uses state-of-the-art chiropractic modalities, applied kinesiology, nutritional & herbal remedies and wholistic natural healthcare education & training to help patients resolve health issues.

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What Makes Us Unique
• We seek to find the cause of your health complaint
• We find the “Best Method” to bring you back to balanced health
• We use state–of-the-art-technology to decrease recovery time
• We spend at least 30 minutes with each of our patients
• We provide our patients with health talks that address health issues
Convenience and Access
• We are an in-network provider and accept all major insurances
• We file worker’s compensation paperwork
• We have flexible office hours and are open every Saturday